The amazing things you can acheive with paint !

Join me for an inside view of a painters world, a world filled with people, places, color and design. My painting company is a perfect platform to show you all the amazing things you can achieve with paint. There will be photo's, stories and DIY tips. From time to time I will throw in some of my art work.
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Ceiling


      What would we do without the ceiling? One of the most important structures to keep the elements out of our homes, protecting our lives and possessions is often passed by without so much as a glance.

     Hold off putting another picture on the wall and take a good look at your ceiling. Step out of the box and add some color and bring that ceiling to life. Now, I'm not asking you to paint a ceiling like Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel , but recognize that the ceiling is an import part of your decor and incorporating it into your design will enhance the area.

     The photos shown are samples of the options which can emphasize and draw attention to your ceilings. Ceilings can be as individual as you are, designs in countless variety. With some imagination and work you can produce an area which flows in harmony.
    So what keeps us from including the ceiling into our decorating plans? One big reason our ceilings have been neglected is fear, fear of the unknown. What color should I use? Where do I start? What are the costs? Who do I hire? Well, here's a few tips to get you started.

    Let’s start with a small step, for those with low ceilings, I suggest applying a color which is a few shades lighter than your walls. This will give the illusion of height to the area and a step out of the common box. This small change has a big impact; I have seen my clients change all their ceilings after one was painted. It is very uplifting!

    Higher ceilings can have darker shades of color to bring the ceiling lower and cozier.
In some of the photo’s there are different levels of faux finishes from basic techniques to more advanced.  Do your homework and try this yourself or hire a professional. In either case you’ll have a ceiling to be proud of.

   What if my project does not turn out well? Remember it’s paint and it can be painted over, which is the beauty of it. But, I highly suggest sample boards of the colors and techniques that will be used before starting. Ask questions, ask for help, this will take a lot of pressure off and you’ll have greater success.

            So, let your ceiling shine and draw attention to such a great focal area in your home.

    Here is a great example of adding a warm color to the ceiling which makes a large room cozier.  In most cases adding color alone will change the area, this is also cost affective, small steps can give big results.

                                      Adding a coffered ceiling is always a show stopper
   Money may be an issue when considering an architectural change, if there's no issue here than
                                                                      go for it!  

        Metallic gold painted crown moldings and faux painted sponge technique adds sophistication.
              This is great idea if there are coffered or tray ceilings in your home.                          

Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Color of the year!

       If you’re looking for an energizing, sophisticated, dramatic, seductive and warm color for your interior or fashion, I have just the right color. Pantone a world recognized color authority named Tangerine Tango for color of the year 2012.
     This beautiful reddish orange color will be used in homes, fashion and of course paint.
Give yourself a dose of energy by adding this color to your wardrobe or painting an accent wall in your home.

     In the photos shown the interior of this home was done entirely with fauxed red orange walls.
I would best describe the technique as a distressed strie. Dragging a brush threw the red orange glaze vertically down the wall and removing some areas with a rag.

Have the warmth of a beautiful sunset every day!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Build an entertainment center

       I recently custom built a home entertainment center in my own home. I was looking for a multifunctional unit which I could share with my family and friends. This unit is a focal point in my family room and one which is contemporary in design. If your creative and handy get started on your dream otherwise get someone to help.
      Millions of Americans have had a love affair with their TVs and multimedia for decades and with the new flat screens it has opened up a whole new way to watch, listen and decorate.
     Give us a place to sit and a TV and we are in heaven. But for some of us we want more.

 We want the look, the feel and the excitement. For the past several years people have become more creative on their personal entertainment area in their homes. The flat screen TV’s have opened up a whole new line of entertainment furniture and unique ways to enhance your space. Man caves are developing into very complex entertainment areas with very large flat screens and theater like sound, popcorn machines and full bar.
  This past 2011 holiday season, prices for flat screens have never been better, which got me motivated to build this unit. I used 2x4’s and dry wall on this project. I added an electric fireplace for that warm home feeling. Venetian plaster was used to decorate the surround and the mantle. The five square openings at the top have lighting which gives a nice warm glow in the evening.
      Floating shelves are a great place to add your favorite things to display or you can put your stereo system there. There are countless options to choose from to fit the mood you would like to create and your personal style.
     The wall unit is approximately 9.5h x 12.5 ft.w and 2 ft. deep from the mantle. Keeping simple added to its contemporary style. Two colors were used to paint the unit, Benjamin Moore # 1122 flat latex on the shelves and rear walls, #1124 on the center unit also in flat latex. The top moldings were painted with # 1122 flat.
      There are two Venetian plaster colors # 1122 on the fireplace surround and # 1125 on the mantel. The mantel has two colors which I applied one over the other sanded and then burnished. The fireplace is electric and looks so real. Above the mantel is a compartment which holds all my CD’s, cable box and all the wires from the Flat screen and other electronics.
     Take a look at the before and after pictures, what a change.  So turn that boring wall into something special and sit back, relax and enjoy! Well, got to go and watch my favorite show.