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Friday, September 14, 2012

Faux Glaze Technigue

       Here is an easy faux glaze technique which has a lot of character and sophistication. In the photos shown the colors used gave this interior a soft distressed look with
out overwhelming the area.
       The pattern was achieved with a roller 1/2 in. nap shed resistant. The glaze mixture was very thin.

    Base Color used - Ben Moore # OC-59 Flat, 1 qt.
    Paint for glaze - Ben Moore # 1035 flat, 1 qt.
    Glaze - 1qt. good quality 

        After applying the base coats as needed let dry. At this point start to mix your glaze. I mixed three ounces of paint with six ounces of glaze and then added twelve ounces of water.

      Cutting in is done by taking a twelve inch compound blade and placing it into the corners, then run a mini roller up and into the blade. This-technique could be very messy so to insure a neater application do not over load your rollers.  

      Start your cutting in at the top and then use your larger roller vertically from left to right.
Do not add too much pressure to the roller which may release a lot of glaze. Your passes with the roller should be random and at times running diagonal.

     There is no need for a paint brush to cut in close to the corners, it will look more distressed
using a roller. Leave some of the base color to show threw.

     I recommend practicing the technigue first on a board and not your walls. Once comfortable with the technique your ready, enjoy!