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Friday, October 26, 2012

Warm Faux Glaze Technique

      Here is a beautiful warm faux glaze technique where only a sea sponge was used. The sea sponge can be highly affective,  producing many designs and patterns which can be applied to the walls or many other surfaces.

     The walls had a very heavy orange peel texture which made the technique  more dramatic. There were three colors used to produce this look.

     The base coat was painted with an latex eggshell finish by
Benjamin Moore #193
The first glaze color # 105 eggshell finish
Second glaze color # 1035 eggshell finish
One quart of quality latex glaze

      Using  a practice board before you start is recommended.

     I purchased quarts of the paint which were used in the glaze. One gallon of paint for this project was more than enough for the wall.

    Prep your walls, tape off the moldings if needed and apply plastic or tarps to the area. Apply the base coat #193 latex eggshell finish to the walls.

   Once the wall is completely dry it is time to apply the first glaze #105. I used a tbl. spoon of color to 4 ounces of latex glaze. Glaze can go a long way especially with this technique.

   Apply the the glaze to a small area with a brush using a small amount of product. Take the dampened sea sponge and put onto the paint on the wall, move the glaze around on the wall spreading it out from the original area.  This thin glaze when dry will become darker. Each application of glaze should be applied to the next bare area blending into the previous.

   When applying the glaze think of a puzzle and how all the pieces are different, move the glaze around to form various shapes and sizes. This will keep the fuax looking random.

   Keep your sponge damp. Poncing your sponge on the surface will remove glaze and re-apply in others. Control the glaze by adding more or less. Note: going over dried glaze will produce a darker effect.

   Remember not to apply glaze into the corners with your brush, this will become very heavy looking when it dries and will look like pie crust. Apply the glaze lightly several inches away and work into the corners with your sponge. Rinse out your sponge when its over loaded with glaze.

  The second glaze #1035 will be mixed the same as the first but applied much less. Randomly apply the glaze lightly and spread out. This glaze will change the color of the first and make it deeper in tone. Have fun painting!


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