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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sponging with metallic paint

Are you searching for a paint finish that has a shimmering glow and amazing depth that you can get lost in? Metallic paint can achieve this. Sponging with metallic paint is one of my favorite painting techniques, the possibilities are endless. As you move around the room reflections of light seem to move with you. Either an accent wall or an entire room can be painted with metallic's, in each case it will deliver a wow factor to your decor. Here is a sample of sponging with silver and gold metallic paint.

I used a dark gray base and applied silver first with a glaze and then straight silver paint, this creates depth. To achieve this sponging technique it is applied heavier with a tight pattern.  Adding straight gold metallic paint over the silver added more depth which gives the impression of water splashing about.

Practice this technique on a board before applying to the walls. This will give you a chance to work out any issues that may arise. Use a sea sponge which is slightly damp and dip the sponge into the paint, blot the excess from the sponge on a side board and then apply to the wall.

There are many other types of metallic paint to choose from, copper, bronze to name a few. Use the right color base for any of the metallic paints and your on your way to creating a beautiful addition to your home.

Note: Sea sponges have different patterns, choose the side of the sponge which creates a pattern which pleases you. Change the direction of the sponge each time it hits the wall, think of a clock and change your hand position with each tap. Try not to cover all of the base color.
 Adding to much glaze to the metallic paint will thin it's consistency.

Check out this link for painting with gold metallic on crown moldings

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